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Say NO to 6% commission

Home sellers have been paying thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, leaving them less equity after the sale of their home. Today, these sellers are looking for alternative solutions.

With Savvy Lane you pay a one-time listing fee of $195, $395, $595 or $995 to list your home on the MLS. Save thousands in real estate commission. Compare our services to a traditional commission agent.

If an agent brings you a buyer, you may offer that agent up to 3% commission, but remember, all commissions are negotiable. If you sell your home on your own you will save this amount too, saving you thousands more.

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$595 Flat Fee
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3% Commission

Take control of the selling process and save thousands.

Say NO to 6% commission, and remember all commissions are negotiable!

Submit your listing in ONE EASY STEP using our safe and secure site.

All of our packages include internet exposure on all MLS affiliated sites including® plus Redfin, Windermere, John L. Scott, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, and many others. All properties that are listed on the MLS will be instantly displayed on local and national real estate websites. The MLS allows a direct data feed to the websites of all member offices and agents.

With our Premium $995 and Full $595 Package your listing will be on Zillow & Trulia, plus posted on Yahoo Real Estate, MLSonline, Enormo, Dothomes, ByOwnerMLS, Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, Google Base, Oodle, Vast and many more...

Our flat fee listing program offers you the same services that a full commission agent would offer for the fraction of the price. Take complete control over how much you will spend throughout the selling process. And, you retain the right to sell your home on your own. With our help and your determination you can enjoy the benefits of selling your home, while saving thousands in real estate commission.

The MLS will provide maximum exposure for your property

When your property is placed on the Multiple Listing Service, all real estate agents will have instant access to the property information. The Multiple Listing Service is responsible for 85% of home sales. According to the National Association of Realtors® it takes a For Sale by Owner property twice as long to sell as it would for an agent who list the home on the MLS.

Today, 90% of the buyers will start their search for potential properties on the web.

When you make your home available on the MLS it will be listed on most local and national real estate sites, thus buyers will have access to the information about your property across the nation.

Since buyers have no obligation to pay for the real estate services, they are more open to use and discuss their needs with an agent. The agent simply goes to the MLS and searches for properties matching the buyer’s criteria. If your property is on the MLS, the agent will find it to show their buyers if they are looking to buy in your area.

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Don't let the equity in your home disappear!

We will help you keep the maximum amount of equity from the sale of your home.

Our Flat Fee MLS listing service assist home sellers with resources historically available only through licensed Real Estate Agents.

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