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Founded by a team of highly experienced real estate and business professionals, Savvy Lane set out to change a 100 year old industry. Technology and innovation have yet to change a commission structure that is completely outdated. Hundreds of companies have tried and only a handful have been successful. The Founders created a software platform where buyers and sellers have the tools to do-it-themselves with professional support, or be hands off with a local dedicated agent. By creating a process that is more transparent and streamlined, we are able to save time and money. This means we are able to adjust our fees to fit your budget with our tiered options. Today we are the #1 Flat Fee MLS real estate provider on the West Coast.

Savvy Platform

Customers can use our Savvy Platform to buy or sell a property. Perfect for the For Sale By Owners and Do-It-Yourselfers. We’ve created a simple step-by-step process to help you create an MLS listing or place an offer on a property. From here, we automatically generate all the required legal documents. Our system allows you to electronically sign and store them in your account for easy access.

When selling, you may then choose to upload photos or order professional ones, create and schedule open houses, track showings and traffic, request help from an agent with our à la carte options, and much more. Whether you want to be hands on or hands off, we have the real estate options you’re looking for.

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Savvy Agents

Savvy Lane is an exclusive brokerage. Rather than having hundreds of agents we focus on a smaller group that works as a team and helps improve our Savvy Platform. This helps our agents stay more productive, close more deals, and be more experienced.

We recruit professional, highly qualified agents who understand the industry is changing and want to create a better experience for our customers. Customers immediately see a difference when comparing our agents to the competition. Why? Because we don’t employ our agents, which means, they are available 24/7, dedicated to getting the best results, and only succeed if you do.

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Who is Savvy Lane?

You are. Our customers, agents, and platform have helped create what Savvy Lane is today. We've done this by listening, implementing and executing on your feedback. Our goal is create a real estate experience that customers can trust. Our Savvy Platform has served thousands of satisfied customers. We encourage innovation and feedback so we can constantly improve. Buy or sell with confidence knowing every one of our real estate solutions has help if you need it.

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Our Mission

We are a tech-enabled hybrid real estate brokerage. Which means we use technology to empower our customers and agents. This helps save time, money, and increases productivity. In short, we don’t have the huge expenses that traditional brokerages do. That means we are able to lower our commission and fees.

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